Industrial Fluid Solutions

Started as a service organization, Industrial Fluid Solutions has been providing industrial fluids and services throughout Wisconsin and Illinois since 2002. With recent expansion into Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota, IFS continues to grow as a premier industrial supplier throughout the Midwest.

Customer Dedication

At IFS, we pride ourselves on our loyalty to customers, putting their needs first by providing flexible services and the strongest support possible. Our customers are our partners in creating value; their loyalty is our highest rewards.

Bob Piatt, Machine Shop Supervisor
Bob Piatt, Machine Shop Supervisor
HHA Sports Inc.

Not only does IFS sell superior products, but their customer service is second to non!  The response I get if there is an issue, has always been extremely prompt and resolved immediately.  Great product, competitive pricing and service during and after the sale are what you get from IFS. Truly one of the best vendors to deal with!

Trimen Industries
Trimen Industries

IFS and IFS Waste Services have been managing our coolant and liquid waste hauling and treatment needs for 6 years. They have been a valuable partner allowing us to focus on production and have the confidence to know our coolant and service needs are being meet.

Small Engine Manufacturer
Small Engine Manufacturer

In competitive quoting I found that one item of fluid management that IFS has above everyone else’s program is the ability to not only supply the coolant, but also to completely service it. This is big in our industry now and has result in huge cost savings. IFS has continued to produce cost savings not just in the first year, but year over year since we started using them for our fluid management program over 8 years ago.


We continually strive to learn more about best practices, product technology and services which benefit our customers, employees and company. By sharing information, knowledge and experience, we continuously improve performance and strengthen our relationships.


We believe that no other company provides the synthesis of customized services, products and solutions to customers in the way we do; consequently, we are in a position to serve our customer at a higher level. We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do, bringing innovative, cost-effective results to our customers.