We provide both filtration products and equipment for you to achieve increased product performance, longer sump life, and a reduction of product usage and waste removal. Our main goal is to provide cost savings to you!

Filtration Products

We provide both filtration products and equipment for you to achieve increased product performance, longer sump life, reduction of product usage, and waste removal which all result in cost savings!

Filter Paper and Media

IFS offers a complete line of quality filter paper and media for gravity, vacuum or pressure filters used in applications such as machining, grinding and honing.  We carry standard spunbound polypropylene, rayon and polyester materials to meltblown polypropylene and specialty materials for the finest filtration.  All types of filter paper are available in standard and custom widths.  An assortment of common filter paper is kept in stock which allows for a shorter lead time while still maintaining competitive pricing.

Liquid Filter Bags and Canisters

In addition to filter paper, IFS provides a full line of quality engineered liquid and custom filter bags and canisters.  Filter bags can be manufactured from the standard polypropylene and polyester materials to the specialized Nomex or Teflon material.  All types of filter bag material are available from 1 to 200 microns.

OEM Hydraulic and Pneumatic Filters

Industrial Fluid Solutions offers OEM and aftermarket hydraulic and pneumatic filters to save you money without loss of performance.

Filtration Equipment

Looking for an easy way to filter your coolant and increase your sump life while decreasing your waste? Have Industrial Fluid Solutions find the perfect piece of equipment for your facility. Whether it is a simple way to pump out and transport coolant from the sump or a full coolant recycling program, IFS has the tools you need!

Oberlin Pressure Filters

Industrial Fluid Solutions is a certified sales representative for Oberlin Filter Company. Oberlin Pressure Filters are completely automated filtration systems that provide clean liquids and dry solids. Oberlin has over 50 years of experience filtering all types of metalworking fluids such as oil, water-soluble emulsions, and pure synthetics. Oberlin Pressure Filters can be used in various applications such as coolant filtration from grinding and machining, metal finishing, chemical processing, water treatment, and food processing.


Introducing the newest filter to the Oberlin Pressure Filter line, the OLIMIN8R.  Designed for individual CNC machines, the OLIMIN8R is the most efficient and profitable way to machine.  Customers who have trialed this unit found its success to include increased production, significant reduction of cleaning coolant ports and the machine sump and prolonged coolant life.  

Check out how the OLIMIN8R works in the video below!

Are you ready to experience the most efficient and profitable way to machine? Start your OLIMIN8R trial today!