We serve the metalworking industry by providing a unique combination of services related to the utilization and disposal of industrial fluids. These services range from simple order fulfillment to individual machine cleaning and central system maintenance to a customized turn-key fluid management program.

Fluid Control

Is short sump life an on-going problem in your machine shop? Industrial Fluid Solutions can solve that issue with full fluid control, the most important factor in extending sump life.

Best Performance

IFS offers complimentary fluid checks with the purchase of an IFS supplied product. Not our coolant? No problem! We carry a complete line of accessory products, such as refractometers, pH indicators and coolant mixers, to not only extend coolant life but also lower coolant usage and maintain a clean and safe work environment. Let IFS assist you in getting the best performance from your coolant!

Individual Sump and Central System Services

IFS can provide any of the following services for industrial fluid applications in individual sumps or central systems:

  • Concentration control
  • Fluid testing, reporting, and documentation
  • Individual machine and central system cleaning
  • Fluid product inventory control
  • Consultation on EHS as it relates to the storage, usage, and disposal of industrial fluids
  • Filtration equipment service
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Filter media, bags, cartridges and canisters

Tramp Oil Removal

In addition to concentration and pH level monitoring, the removal of tramp oil is an important factor in increasing coolant performance. IFS supplies oil skimmers, belts, and coalescors to remove problematic tramp oils from your individual machines sumps and central systems.

Fluid Management

As a service organization, Industrial Fluid Solutions leads the industry in fluid related services. With unparalleled knowledge and experience, we have a full staff committed to meeting all of your needs. This expertise in the industry sets us apart and makes IFS the best choice for you!

Turn-key Management Program Benefits

IFS can combine any of the above fluid control tasks to create a customized fluid maintenance and management program to meet the needs of your facility.


All fluid management programs are completely customized for you by encompassing all of your desired fluid care tasks into one program managed by the experienced team at IFS. All IFS employees are full-time, fully-trained technicians with experience in the manufacturing industry.


The cost savings benefits of a turnkey fluid management program include:

  • Reduction in usage and wastewater
  • Reduced cost per part
  • Health and Safety
  • Increased coolant performance
  • Increased tool life and performance
  • Lowered inventory costs
  • Cost-effective and labor efficient
  • Elimination of distraction for company personnel
  • Meet Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing initiatives

If your company would like to know where money, labor and resources are being wasted and you are ready to take action, reach out to one of our experienced team members to schedule a plant survey.

Waste Removal and Recycling

IFS is your one stop coolant shop!


Not only can we supply and maintain your metalworking fluids, we can also remove any old product from your facility when we complete your machine cleaning.  We are able to remove any non-hazardous, oily wastewater in drums or totes.  


Additionally, IFS has the proper equipment to recycle used coolant that is still in good working condition.  Our experienced team can help you determine the coolant condition so our techs can arrive with the proper equipment when it is time to have your machines cleaned.  


Looking to reduce your environmental impact? IFS has waste-to-energy programs for used absorbents, shop rags, oil filters, and filter media to eliminate these items from going to landfill.