We only work with manufacturers who continually strive to be at the top of the industry so our customers have access to the best. Their commitment to excellence is proven through their full analytical laboratories, cutting edge solutions, environmentally safe and sustainable chemistry.

DuBois Chemicals Representative

DuBois Chemicals

DuBois Chemicals produce a complete line of lubricants, industrial oils and cleaners to assist in the top quality production of metals, metal parts and industrial components.  Every product is designed, manufactured and quality controlled by skilled personnel using the most advanced technological equipment available.


Metalworking Fluids

DuBois metalworking fluids offer high performance at a value price for a variety of applications including drawing, forming, grinding, machining and stamping.  These fluids include straight oils, water soluble oils, and semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids.  All DuBois metalworking fluids provide extended sup life by resisting biological growth and odor, reducing unwanted residues on parts and machines and providing continued corrosion protection.

Industrial Cleaners and Rust Preventives

Cleaning and corrosion protection of metal parts is critical throughout the machining process.  A leader in the industry, DuBois Technical Specialists and Application Engineers gather information about your facility and current processes in order to select the proper chemistry to meet your quality and process requirements and eliminate bad parts and rework.  The complete line of industrial cleaners includes acid pickling and derusting, alkaline and neutral cleaners, vibratory and mass finishing and machine cleaners.  Whether you are looking for in-process rust protection, indoor rust protection or protection for outdoor storage and shipping, DuBois offers a variety of rust preventives including water-displacing solvent cutback, water-soluble oils, water-soluble synthetics and dual cleaner/rust inhibitor products.

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Master Fluid Solutions

Industrial Fluid Solutions is excited to announce their premier distributorship with Master Fluid Solutions, a developer of quality metalworking fluids for over 60 years. Cleaning and RP Fluids, along with fluid management equipment, complete the offerings for maximized productivity and minimized waste.


Cutting and Grinding Fluids

TRIM® metalworking fluids are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for high performance cutting and grinding – offering a full range of synthetics, semi-synthetics and soluble oils.  TRIM® fluids ensure longer tool and sump life, better finished parts, lower disposal cost, reduced fluid and labor costs and increased profits – put TRIM® to work for you!


Cleaners and Metal Protection

MasterSTAGES cleaning and metal protection products include a full line of parts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and maintenance cleaners. These products meet stringent requirements to keep customers environmentally compliant, running at peak performance, and more profitable.


Plymouth Lubricants

Plymouth Lubricants has been providing superior products and outstanding customer service since 1923.  Plymouth Lubricants offers a wide variety of lubricants, all backed by extensive warranties and product guarantees.

You can be confident that the products you receive from Plymouth Lubricants meet or exceed industry standards for performance and quality.  The complete product line consists of automotive, commercial and agricultural, conventional and high mileage engine oils, automatic transmission fluid, gear oils, grease, antifreeze and coolant, diesel exhaust fluid, air compressor fluid, compressed natural gas oils and custom-made products to meet your company’s needs.  Major brands include Citgo, Pro Performance and Shell.